About Us

The Board of Directors for the Willow Charitable Fund

donate their time and resources to raise money & distribute contributions to those in need.

Executive Committee

John L. DiMarzio, President
Tom Kenvin, Treasurer
Robert Felte, Vice President
Matt Echelmeier, 2nd Vice President
Joseph Deegan, Recording Secretary

Board of Directors

William Sands, Jr.
Drew Kremp
Ken Davidson
Chuck Acker
Anne Anastasi
Don Salmon
George Rymar
Wil Galbreath
Liz Storione

Emeritus – Founders

Charles Echelmeier*
John Bryers, Sr.*
Fred Marcell
Jack Carberry*
Karl Hischmann*
John D’Lauro*
John G. Thyberg, Sr.
Gus Hanson*
William Eagan. Esq*
Garth Miller
Roger Myers
John Younglove, Esq.
John Douglass

* deceased